March, 2020

World Tour 2020: Central and South Africa

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On the third leg of our 2020 World Tour we visit central and southern Africa. Explore this fascinating continent with 10 gems from our catalog.

Honest now, how much do you really know about Africa? Take a refresher course with Frank G. Carpenter’s Geographic Reader: Africa. It will take you on a journey through the northern deserts and the central jungles all the way down to South Africa.

There, we meet one of her greatest feminist writers, Olive Schreiner, who also spoke out against racist policies and was promptly imprisoned for it. Dreams is a collection of 11 of her feminist stories.

Who knows who many black writers from South Africa have been forgotten or never heard of at all because of Apartheid? Alexander Wilmot did his best to collect The Poetry of South Africa; 117 works by poets from the Transvaal, Cape Colony and Natal.

The Zulu Kingdom is the setting for the following story by H. Rider Haggard. Umslopogaas is in love with Nada the Lily, but the obstacles between the two keep piling up… This story was unusual for its time, since it features an entirely black cast.

This is true also for the protagonist of the Biography of Mahommah G. Baquaqua. Samuel D. Moore tells the true story of a man from West Africa, who escaped from a ship in the harbour of New York. Instead of ending up a slave in Brazil, he made it to Canada as a free man.

An equally difficult voyage awaits young Stas and Nel, who find themselves In Desert and Wilderness. Henryk Sienkiewicz tells an interesting coming-of-age story set in Africa between wild animals and the dangers of malaria.

When visiting the African jungle, you must be careful not to contract Sleeping Sickness. Even today, this deadly disease has lost nothing of its terror. Better prepare yourself with the very detailed book on the topic by Fleming Sandwith.

Virginia is unprepared for the death of her grandfather, even more so when a distant cousin arrives and constests his last will. Ready to fight back, she travels to Africa to find proof of her parent’s marriage in The Man-Eater by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Fierce creatures feature prominently in the Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria, West Africa. On top of these, Elphinstone Dayrell’s collection also contains stories of people and what they learned from animals and their surroundings.

The teachings of his animal friends come handy on The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle. Together, they set out to find Spidermonkey Island, which has last been seen floating near Africa. Find out if they can catch the mysterious island in our dramatic reading of Hugh Lofting’s book.

Enjoy – and have fun with the mysteries of Africa!


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