13,000 audiobooks – and counting!

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In just 11 months since our last milestone of 12,000 completed audiobooks, we have completed 1,000 more!

And completed LibriVox project # 13,000 is:

The Black Box by E. Philips Oppenheim, a mystery read as a solo by Richard Kilmer. 

Among our audiobooks are: 1692 projects (meaning books, collections of short stories etc.) in 37 non-English languages, 7004 books recorded by a soloist. Of course, there’s no stopping LibriVox producing more audiobooks! And we have already completed more projects past the 13,000 book milestone!

We would like to thank each and every one of our more than 9300 volunteers who read books, proof listen them, coordinate group projects, produce covers and m4bs, or just simply are the cheerleaders of LibriVox.

Thank you all – it’s only because of you this recent milestone has been possible! Up to the next one!


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