Summer Love

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Isn’t summer wonderful? Great weather and plenty of spare time are the best ingredients for a summer romance. If you can’t have your own, indulge with 10 gems from our catalog!

Let’s get in the mood with a bit of gossip! Thornton Hall has combed through the annals of the British gentry, from barons and duchesses to the Royal Family. He presents his juicy findings in Love Romances of the Aristocracy.

Already scandalous when confined to the upper crust, such loves are deemed unacceptable when lower classes are involved. When aristocrat Miles Arbuton proposes to orphaned Kitty Ellison, everybody is against the union. Read the novel Une rencontre by William Dean Howells to see if they will make it in the end.

When Helen and Burke were married, their friend’s reservations were spot on. Totally incompatible, the two make life hell for each other – and their daughter Betty, who is caught in between. Will they finally come together on The Road to Understanding in the novel by Eleanor H. Porter?

Famous poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson elaborates his understanding of The Three Great Virtues in three short essays. He updates the three concepts and presents his views on self-reliance (faith), love (hope) and friendship (charity).

Edwy’s friendship with faeries leads them to help spy on his girlfriend Aura to find out if she truly loves him. However, things don’t go as planned in Ann Radcliffe’s poem when Edwy literally loses himself in faery land.

The disappearances of Olof Koselka, however, are carefully planned. Wherever he goes, the young lumberjack turns the head of the town’s women folk, but he is not one to settle down. Johannes Linnankoski tells the story of a Finnish Don Juan in Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasa.

Dice Lashmore also tries to charm many women, but his goal is simple: to marry rich. However, Our Friend the Charlatan is not very successful and in the long run his life takes a downward turn in the novel by George Gissing.

Yoran’s life, however, could not be better. In Love of Zion, we follow the love story between him and his wives, and later that of their children. The book by Abraham Mapu is set at the time of the First Temple in Jerusalem when polygamy was still practised.

Mary Edwards Walker would have different views on polygamy – or would she? She was a Civil War surgeon and women’s rights activist and wrote with Unmasked, or the Science of Immorality – to gentlemen a sex manual that mixes surprisingly modern tips with Victorian sex myths.

Eric Marshall is a gentleman, but his thoughts are far from such things. He focuses instead on the mysterious girl he encountered one night when walking around Prince Edward Island… Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote Kilmeny of the Orchard, and this is our dramatic reading of the book.

Enjoy – and maybe find a summer romance of your own!


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