June, 2019

Let’s hear it for the kids!

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Summer is approaching and while the kids will be mostly outside in their holidays, it’s never too early to prepare for the occasional rainy day with 10 gems from our catalog especially for children.

Do you remember your favourite toy? Margery Williams‘ favourite stuffed animal was a Velveteen Rabbit. This lovely story about how toys become real and what it means to live and love is read by a mother-daughter duo.

Two teenagers, Jack and Don, are pursuing a jewel thief onto a desolate island full with haunted temples and other deadly perils… Read the exciting book by John Robert Hutchinson to find out if their Quest of the Golden Pearl is successful.

Very successful – in a sense – is Fritz who finds a rocket in the basement and lights it. On its way up, it meets families in 20 apartments! Peter Newell’s The Rocket Book was a new kind of picture book with holes where the rocket had passed through…

When passing through the German region called Riesengebirge, Carl Hauptmann encountered a magical, mystical being living in the mountains. Das R├╝bezahlbuch tells nine of the best stories of the (in-) famous mountain giant.

Bugs can be quite mysterious creatures too, but Jean-Henri Fabre is happy to dispel the myths. Follow him on his Insect Adventures with bees, spiders, caterpillars, crickets, …

Speaking of following somebody, this is exactly what King Bubi I is doing. When Perez the Mouse visits Bubi to pick up the tooth he has lost, Bubi follows him to his next appointment. Read this delightful little story by Luis Coloma either in the original Spanish or in English.

Fourteen-year-old Dutch girl Elsje had to leave her sick grandmother’s house in the countryside. Her new family in the city tries to make a “proper young lady” out of her, but things are not quite as easy as they thought in the book by A. C. Kuiper.

Definitely not easy was the 19th century Indian Boyhood of Charles Alexander Eastman. Young Ohiyesa grew up on the Dakota territory of the Sioux and had to learn woodcraft, hunting and horsemanship. Interspersed in his memoir are old stories from his tribe.

The fairy siblings Sylvie and Bruno live in Outland, the land of the fairies. Together, they encounter our world and strange things are happening in both worlds… This is a dramatic reading of the classic by Lewis Carroll.

Did you like our selection? Or would you prefer to make up your own stories? Sara Cone Bryant teaches you the art of oral storytelling in her book How to Tell Stories to Children. Don’t worry, it’s not just dry theory, a number of stories to practise are given too!

Enjoy – even if you don’t have kids! ;-)


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