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It’s September, so most kids are back in school again. Would you want to go back to school too? Let’s get into the mood with 10 gems from our catalog.

The most important ingredient for success in school is: Memory. How to Develop, Train and Use It is the goal of the little practical book by William Walker Atkinson. It’s meant for everybody who wants to try to improve her- or himself.

The second most important ingredient is the will to succeed. When Baseball Joe at Yale finds out that freshmen are not allowed to play in the varsity, he does everything to get into the team in the second year. Find out if he will in the book by Howard R. Garis.

Friendships forged in school often last a lifetime. Alick, Jack and Terence become friends at a boarding school and enter the Navy together. Starting out as The Three Midshipmen, they have a promising career in front of them in this first novel of a series by William Kingston.

However, not everybody settles easily into school, as Lucy S. Furman describes in Mothering on Perilous, set in Kentucky. There, Cecilia Loring becomes the caretaker of a school garden, but soon enough, she finds herself taking care of the school’s homesick boys as well…

Homesickness is not what the US Office of Civil Defense had in mind with the pamphlet In Time of Emergency. Written at the height of the cold war, it mostly deals with nuclear attacks. However, the two last sections are on Major Natural Disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes…

Earthquakes are common in Japan, but they don’t feature in the book by Katai Tayama, even though it’s based on a real diary. Instead, we learn about Seizo, who, barely older and better educated than his students, tries to become a respectable Inaka Kyoshi (country teacher) in the late 19th century.

Maybe his life would have been easier, had he known Horace Mann, the Father of the Common School. From 1837 to 1848, he sent Annual Reports to the Massachusetts Board of Education covering so diverse topics as curriculum, buildings, instruction methods…

Methods of Instruction do matter as is discovered by the brothers Sganarelle and Ariste. Both want to marry their young wards, but only one of them can graduate from The School for Husbands. Find out if kindness or control will win in the comedy by Moliere.

In the book by Kathleen Norris, Justine freshly graduated from the American School of Domestic Science. Now she takes the position as a maid in the Salisbury household. But with Mr. and Mrs. Salisbury’s different opinions on household management, will Justine become The Treasure they were looking for?

However long one may study, not everything can be learnt, some things are left to intuition. Victor Hugo had to find that out when his son died and he had to take care of his grandchildren. He condensed his feelings towards them in the 18 poems of L’Art d’être grand-père.

Enjoy – and learn something new today!


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