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Happy Anniversary! On August 9, LibriVox will have been around for 13 years! In this time, we have produced 12.000 audiobooks that have been downloaded millions of times. Let’s celebrate with all our volunteers and all our listeners – and 10 gems from our catalogue.

Naturally, we have to start celebrating our volunteers, without whom LibriVox would never have been possible! LibriVox has always been open to people from everywhere, and 55 of our readers joined in our Celebration of Dialects and Accents Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, reading a short fable from Aesop.

The Birthday Party – A Story for Little Folks is a very short book for children by Oliver Optic. It tells about little Flora Lee and her birthday and about the surprises her parents have for Flora.

Lots of surprises happen during The Tinker’s Wedding, a comedy by John Millington Synge. Irish Traveller Michael only wants to marry Sarah because otherwise she’d run off with another man. But then Sarah’s mother runs off with part of the wedding money…

Elizabeth North is determined: money must not be an obstacle in her married life! Her future husband however, sees that differently and tries to mend her spendthrift ways in the novel by Florence Morse Kingsley: And so they were married.

In Jolanthes Hochzeit, it is unclear who is getting married. Freiherr von Hanckel promised a dying friend to find a wife for his son, but when he falls in love with the chosen one himself, things are getting complicated. Will there be a happy ending in the novella by Hermann Sudermann?

5-year-old Bobby is In Search of a Birthday. Not just that, the little orphan is also in search of a new family to celebrate it with! Hopefully, the determined boy gets all he wants in the little book by Lebbeus Mitchell.

Come visit Katharine Mansfield’s Garden Party! This is a collection of 15 short stories by the famous author from New Zealand.

Modern Rule of Law is certainly worth a celebration! Our collection of Magna Carta Commemoration Essays showcases various aspects of this important document.

LibriVox is 13 years old, and we hope to go on strong for a long time to come! Who knows if we’ll ever put out a 200th Anniversary Collection like that for Robert Browning, but nothing is impossible. Only 187 years to go!

On an occasion like this, we cannot let you leave without a little present! We have chosen Princess Mary’s Gift Book for you – a collection of short stories and essays by famous authors like J. M. Barrie, A. Conan-Doyle, R. Kipling, K. Douglass Wiggin, H. Rider Haggard

We want to say a big Thank You! to everybody who has made LIbriVox a success: to all our readers, proof listeners, coordinators, cover makers, admins and technical staff, and of course: to our listeners.

Happy 13th Anniversary, LibriVox!



  1. Liza Rivera says:

    Yay!!! Great work everybody! You’re awesome!

  2. Donna says:

    Congratulations and thank you! From an avid listener.

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