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It’s April, and nature bursts with the energy of spring! Don’t hold back your own powers, with 10 gems from our catalog.

This year, April starts with the Easter weekend. Louisa P. S. Hopkins contributes with 16 Easter Carols – little festive poems, both religious and otherwise.

To stay on topic, try out An Easter Lily by Amanda M. Douglas. The little book contains five short stories for children – all with a lesson, and a happy ending, of course.

You’ll have to read The Diary of a Goose Girl by Kate Douglas Wiggin to find out whether there’s a happy ending for her. For now, she is hiding from her lover on a farm in Sussex, where she helps taking care of geese, rabbits, and other small animals.

It may be hard to get hold of geese, but there is always gardening as an alternative. Now is the perfect time to set one up, and Eben Eugene Rexford is happy to teach the ABC of Vegetable Gardening to experts and novices alike.

Dimitri Sanin is a novice in Frankfurt, and the 22-year-old promptly falls in love with Gemma. However, the young lady is engaged, and what started out as Torrents of Spring, quickly takes a turn for the worst. We also have the Russian original of Ivan Turgenev’s masterpiece.

Alfred East helps you to create your own masterpiece: go outside and learn how to sketch trees, skies, grass, and more from nature in his book The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour.

Guy de Maupassant paints with language. He wrote more than 300 short stories, and the Ausgewählte Novellen is a collection of novellas concerned with life and love – with a little bit of erotics added to spice things up.

Plenty of stories to tell have T.G. Allen and W.L. Sachtleben, since they spent a good part of 1890 on a trip Across Asia on a Bicycle. Starting out in Turkey, they made it to China, where they even met one of the country’s top dignitaries.

Sganarelle has reached out to even four dignitaries to cure his daughter, but all the doctors do is argue. Desperate, he brings in a random quack from the street – and it turns out that Love is the Best Doctor. Listen to our production of Moliere’s famous play.

Two lovesick gentlemen are in pursuit of Joyce, April’s Lady, who is unsure who would be the better husband for her. Find out which one she finally settles for in the romance by Mrs Hungerford.

Enjoy – and get your juices flowing!


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