Relax, Take It Easy….

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Summer has come! And with it, time for vacation, icecream, and taking it easy with 10 gems from our catalog.

Not a bit easy can Commander Greylorn take his latest assignment: Halfway to a colony that may not exist anymore, his crew starts a mutiny. And the aliens that arrive exactly at this point looking for provisions are anything but friendly in the scifi story by Keith Laumer.

The Valient Runaways – two teenage boys – try to evade conscription by hiding in the Californian wilderness. What sounds like a good idea goes downhill fast with the arrival of savage bears – and that’s just the start of Gertrude Atherton’s book…

A much more pleasant fate awaits Anchises when he gets lost in the woods: He stumbles upon Venus’s retreat and eventually fathers the famed Anaeas. The short erotic poem Brittain’s Ida or Venus and Anchises was attributed to Edmund Spenser, but was more likely written by Phineas Fletcher under the latter title.

The Flower of the New World is a title bestowed upon St. Rose of Lima, the first person born in the Americas to be elevated to sainthood. Florence Mary Capes tells about Rose’s life of asceticism and sacrifice for the needy of Peru as a lay member of the Dominican Order.

No need to look far to find miracles! French scientist Jean-Henri Fabre explains The Secret of Everyday Things in an easily understandable way. He focuses on the science behind things like soap, glass, matches, vinegar, wool, salt, and many, many more.

Henry Bryce is also focusing: on the political battle against the labour party for the seat of Balmian East. But just when his campaign is getting underway, his body turns up in Sydney Harbour… Find out Who Did It? in the gripping yarn by Nat Gould.

In a Sardinian village, Don Zame rules with an iron fist over his four daughters – until the third, Lia, runs away, and he is found dead a while after. Years later, Lia’s son returns to the village and brings chaos, uproar – and a chance of new beginnings. Canne al Vento is considered the masterpiece of Grazia Deledda.

Ivan Lomov also has new beginning in his mind when he visits his neighbor Stepan Chubukov: He wants to marry Stepan’s daughter, not for love, but out of financial necessity. Once The Proposal has been made, things take one funny turn after the other in the comedy by Anton Chekhov. You can also listen to a dramatic rendition of the Russian original.

Another community of necessity is that formed by 19 people of the Polaris. Just shipwrecked in the icy North, the ice floe where they sought shelter gets loose – and thus begins their first of 196 Tage auf treibender Eisscholle, written down by Emil Bessels, another survivor of the shipwreck.

430 miles away from home are Richard and Colin. But instead of taking the train, they decide to walk all the way and enjoy the landscape and people they meet. Accompany them on the way back to New York City in the old fashioned road movie book October Vagabonds by Richard de Gallienne.

Enjoy – and take time to relax!


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  1. John says:

    How I wish it’s summer here. I would really need a time to relax since I’ve been studying hard lately and it doesn’t pay off that much.

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