Another LibriVox Milestone: 10,000 projects!

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Today, just in time as a present for our 11th anniversary, LibriVox readers completed project #10,000!

It is Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (Volume 1) by Songling Pu, translated by Herbert A. Giles, and recorded as a group project by more than 20 LibriVox volunteers.

This number includes 5556 solos as well as 1349 projects in one of 36 non-English languages.

A big Thank you! to all of our currently 7611 readers for their contributions, whether large or small, to this milestone!



  1. Jordan Ulmer says:

    This is Awesome !

    Thank you LibriVox community for what you do !

    Keep up the amazing work !


    Jordan D. Ulmer

  2. Anon says:

    Many thanks to all the volunteers and the project!

  3. Florence says:

    Having just discovered this site, I am thrilled.
    Thanks to each of the 7611 readers for your time and energy!
    For those of us who enjoy listening, YOU are the “window for our souls.”
    With esteemed gratitude,
    Colorado, USA

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