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We get occasional letters from lawyers about LibriVox. Usually it is regarding books which are in the public domain in the USA, but are still under copyright in other jurisdictions. But some time ago we got another kind of lawyer letter, one alleging trademark infringement, since “LibriVox” is similar to a mark owned by a company in Germany.

After some back & forth we came to an amicable agreement, which includes posting the following on our blog:

The “LibriVox” website and the “LibriVox” project are not associated with the German book trading company Libri GmbH ( or any of its affiliates and subsidiaries.

Dieser Internetauftritt und das “LibriVox” Projekt stehen nicht in Zusammenhang mit dem deutschen Buchhandelsunternehmen Libri GmbH ( oder dessen Tochterunternehmen und Niederlassungen.






  1. LordOider says:

    :-D As far as I know, “libri” is Italian for “books” (book = libre). Fortunately, Hugh McGuire didn’t call the project AppleVox :-X

  2. Oaah says:

    Lol at Applevox.

    Or MikeRoweVox

  3. Owen Roberts says:

    Where there’s a lawyer; THERE’S A FEE

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