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The summer is almost here, a perfect time to hunt for treasures. Go on a search for the things that are hidden from view with 10 gems from our catalog.

Very hidden from view is a young lady who, because of an accident, is now invisible, at times at least. The British government is eager to exploit Miss Pim’s Camouflage and sends her behind the German lines as the latest spy in WWI. Her adventures there are told by Lady Dorothy Tennant.

Vera and the Nihilists, an underground group in Russia, are plotting the assassination of the Czar. But not everyone is who he seems in the drama by Oscar Wilde, and things get complicated when Vera falls in love with the man she must kill.

Certainly the right man for you is William Still – if you are a fugitive slave seeking to escape to Canada. The Underground Railroad, which helped hundreds of people gain their freedom, is also the name of a three volume book, comprised of Still’s own diaries and records.

Sir Stephen King-Hall has penned the Diary of a U-Boat Commander, and he depicts the skipper of the Kaiser’s Navy as a great swashbuckling can-, have-, and know-it-all above and under the waves – until he starts to pursue the girlfriend of another man.

A view on the mysteries of the ocean that is not limited by the porthole of a U-boat is presented by R. Cadwallader Smith. He describes in great detail the incredible animals and plants that live Within the Deep – a short, but fascinating book.

On the Nature of Things is a six books long poem by Titus Lucretius Carus. He is not literally talking about nature though, but aims to explain the Philosophy of the Epicureans.

No explanations about his musings offers an Englishman who takes a weekend society gathering as excuse to observe and judge the other guests. He considers himself as a master of psychology – but is he really? Read The Sacred Fount by Henry James to find out.

Hugo M√ľnsterberg would have known immediately whether the guy was a fraud or not. After all, he wrote one of the first books on Psychotherapy, explaining what it is and how to use it to unlock the secrets people hide unwillingly.

Only a simple microscope is needed to find the hidden Girl in the Golden Atom in the novel by Ray Cummings. After the tiny world is discovered, a chemist and his three friends will do anything to shrink themselves and meet the beautiful girl.

Equally fantastic is Niels Klim’s Journey Under the Ground. Baron Ludvig Holberg describes how Niels is exploring a Norwegian cave and is promptly transported to a new planet where he becomes friends with strange creatures…

Enjoy – and happy discoveries!


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