Through Time and Space

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Summertime – the perfect excuse for travelling and going somewhere new. Go to infinity or eternity – and beyond – with 10 gems from our catalog.

Aristotle wrote one of the first “scientific” works On the Heavens, where he proves that the earth is a sphere. He also introduces his theory of gravity – all things fall towards the center of the universe – and talks about a new idea of one of his colleagues: atoms.

More than two millennia later, Alfred North Whitehead refers to him as well as to Einstein to show that The Concept of Nature is all encompassing time, space, and human perception.

A poet’s approach to time and eternity must certainly differ from a scientific one and can be found in the forth part of Emily Dickinson’s Poems: Series One.

Time passes like an eternity on the ship from Australia to England, so Tourmalin accepts the offer to put all this unused time into an account for later. When he is cashing Tourmalin’s Time Cheques, things get complicated in F. Anstey’sbook.

In a story by Andre Norton, the Russians can go back in time to unearth lost secrets. Hence, the Americans have to catch up and send Ross Murdock to Bronze Age, where he, as one of the Time Traders, has to face Russians, prehistoric men as well as aliens.

Sooner or later, we may be able to travel freely in time and settle anywhere we like – as long as we don’t interfere with history and thus become the target of a Police Operation. H. Beam Piper depicts one day in the life of a time cop.

Jason dinAlt doesn’t want to settle on Pyrrus, charmingly dubbed Deathworld. All he wants is to find out where the money went he just won in gambling, but even with his psionic skills, this does not prove to be easy in Harry Harrison’s novel.

Dorothy also finds herself stranded in a new world. Together with Ozma of Oz, she sets out to rescue the royal family of Ev from captivity. Find out about her new adventures in our dramatic reading of L. Frank Baum’s children classic.

In Henry Kuttner’s novel The Creature from Beyond Infinity arrives on Earth to colonise it and to make it a new home. But right now, a deadly plague threatens to wipe out humanity. Has he just arrived to witness the destruction of another planet?

Is Mars Habitable is not a new question. About 100 years ago, Alfred Russell Wallace published a book on this question where he sums up his research on the matter and comes to a negative conclusion.

Enjoy – and stretch your boundaries!


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