A Misunderstanding in the New York Times

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On March 12th (online) and March 13th (printed edition), we were delighted to see our friend John Greenman figure in an article in the New York Times “Older adults start new chapters in their work lives”. It is great to see a picture of him with his recording set-up.

However, the article failed to state that he makes NO MONEY from his recordings at LibriVox, where every recording is made by volunteers completely without payment.

We have asked the New York Times to amend the online version of the article, to correct this misapprehension. (EDITED TO ADD: They have now done so – thanks NYT.)

This confusion, which has caused John considerable dismay, has arisen because he now also makes paid recordings for Iambik Audiobooks. You can find John’s commercial Iambik recordings here.

John has been a LibriVox volunteer reader for over seven years, and has dedicated himself to recording for LibriVox just about everything Mark Twain ever wrote. You can find all his free LibriVox recordings on his catalogue page here.

So, just to clarify: all LibriVox narrators, proof-listeners and administrators are completely unpaid volunteers, and make audiobooks just for the love of books and the public domain. There are now 6469 available for free download, and new recordings are being released at a rate of about 3 a day. Most recordings are in English, but we also have hundreds of recordings in other languages.

All volunteers are made most welcome at our friendly and helpful forum, so if you would like to join us, please register on our forum, and discover the joy of recording audiobooks.

If you would like to listen to some of our recordings, our catalogue can be searched by author, book title, genre, language or reader here.




  1. Anonymous says:

    And they do a great job, too :-)

  2. Connie says:

    Thanks to this article, I know about Librivox! I’m collecting audio to help me sleep when I join the Peace Corps. Up until now I’ve been using the local library.

  3. John Greenman is my favorite reader and I am so very grateful for his untiring reading. By MP3 it is as if he reads non-stop for hours on end. He has provided a voice for Twain that suits me so nicely. Thanks, John Greenman, and if I were one to purchase audio books, I’d be so happy to buy yours. But there’s Librivox. I will certainly recommend his work highly to family and friends.

  4. George Eager says:

    Librivox is the single most worthwhile thing on the Internet. It has made access to the world’s great literature both easy and highly enjoyable. For millions of people with failing vision, dyslexia, or long commutes it is an especially wonderful blessing. Thank you, readers and producers!!

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