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July has arrived – just the perfect time for some light reading. Get your fix on “adventures for the masses” with 10 gems from our catalog.

Andrew Lanning is walking the Way of the Lawless, closely followed by the law in the form of Hal Dozier. But did Andrew really commit the crimes he is accused of? Hopefully, justice will prevail in the classic western by Max Brand.

A different kind of outlaw is portrayed by Johnston McCulley. The Curse of Capistrano is the first story of Zorro, fighting for justice, against Sgt. Gonzales, and for his love Lolita, of course.

In the story by H. Beam Piper, Pappy Jack also fights the establishment – in the form of his employer. They are willing to resort to dirty tricks so that Little Fuzzy is not declared sapient – and they can keep exploiting his planet.

The Simple Sabotage Field Manual is full of strategies to bring down an enemy force. All tactics are approved – and probably tested – by the US Office of Strategic Services. Just be smart enough not to be caught!

Extremely clever are The Inventions of the Idiot. The Idiot presents his thoughts about improving the civilized man. Our dramatic reading of John Kendrick Bangs’ novel wil help you decide if they are worth anything.

Certainly worth reading are the recollections of Mark Twain. While publication was planned after his demise, he decided to publish some Chapters from My Autobiography before already, probably because they could have done no more harm anyway.

No more harm will come to La Goualeuse after she has been saved by the mysterious Rodolphe. But who is this guardian angel, and what are his ultimate goals? Read The Mysteries of Paris, one of the most successful French serials, by Eugène Sue. This book is also available in French.

The goal of the National Geographic Magazine is clear: to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge. This is its very first issue from 1889, and almost 125 years later, it is still going strong…

The city of Xuchotl is not to be found on any map. Between death and despair Conan the Cimmerian and the pirate Valeria have to fight for their lives. Red Nails is the final story of Conan by Robert E. Howard – and often considered the best.

A London Plane Tree and Other Verse was the final book of poetry by Amy Levy, whose very first poem was published in a magazine when she was only fourteen.

Enjoy – and good luck with your adventures!


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  1. Meisie says:

    I see quite a few titles new to me…would love to give them a listen! Happy summer everyone!

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