[UPDATE] Jobs! We hired a PHP developer and a tech project manager

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[UPDATE: We recruited in May 2012 and now have two great people on board for this project. We are not recruiting further at this time.]

LibriVox is very happy to announce that, thanks to a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are undertaking a tech overhaul, and we are hiring (on a contract basis):

* a technical project manager
* a sysadmin/advisor
* a PHP/Ruby developer

Pay range is “starving non-profit contract price” … or somewhere between $35-50/hour.

The objectives of the technical overhaul are:
1. To implement a LibriVox website redesign
2. To improve LibriVox’s internal workflow systems
3. To improve catalog accessibility through API
4. To complete a security audit
5. To assess server infrastructure

We are looking for some great people. Maybe you?

(see very bottom for how to apply).

PHP & Ruby developer

about 25-40 hrs/week over 20-30 weeks

The PHP & Ruby developer will be responsible for:

  • Working with the technical project manager to define the scope of work
  • Doing a full code review of existing LibriVox software
  • Defining software engineering decisions and specifications for refactoring the work planned
  • Refactoring existing LibriVox code
  • Implementing a number of fixes and new features

You should have at least 2 years experience in software development, with expertise in:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • MySQL
  • LAMP stacks
  • WordPress

The ideal candidate will have a degree in software engineering or computer science, or significant experience in developing and implementing web software. You should be comfortable working in a distributed project. And we’re looking especially for developers with experience in non-profit and open source communities, with many extra points for having experience in the LibriVox community.

Scroll down to see how to apply.

Technical project manager

10-20 hrs/week over 20-30 weeks

The technical project manager will be responsible for:

  • coordinating work with the LibriVox volunteer community to better understand specific technical needs under the scope of the project
  • defining the detailed scope of work with the other contractors, in conjunction with Internet Archive staff and senior LibriVox volunteers
  • establishing a more detailed work plan
  • ensuring timely delivery of technical progress
  • establishing a detailed budget
  • ensuring the project stays under budget and on time
  • communicating progress to the LibriVox community (volunteers, listeners), to the Internet Archive, and to other stakeholders

Ideally you’ll have an Engineering or Management degree, or significant technical project management experience.

We’ll be happier if you’ve got experience working in non-profit, open source communities, and even happier if you have experience in the LibriVox community.

Scroll down to see how to apply.

Sysadmin/systems architect

The sysadmin/systems architect will be responsible for:

  • Evaluating the current LibriVox systems and server setup
  • Overseeing a security audit
  • Working with the developer and project manager to propose an ideal hosting solution, including reduced costs
  • Making a recommendation about longer-term hosting arrangements, with cost being a significant factor
  • Depending on scale of work, possibly moving LibriVox to a new server setup.

The ideal candidate will have 5 years experience running MySQL systems, with particular experience running servers with big installations of phpBB forum software and WordPress installations.

Scroll down to see how to apply.

How to apply!

To apply please send the following items to jobs@librivox.org:

1. a brief description of why you’d like to help LibriVoix
2. a CV with references
3. a comment on your favourite LibriVox recording



  1. roger says:

    Pay range?

  2. hugh says:


  3. programmer says:


  4. hugh says:

    @programmer: on the internet! …that is: you’ll work from wherever you are based.

  5. h4x says:

    ha ha im gonna hack u and pay off whoever does the security audit looooool

  6. Julia says:

    regarding location – does the same apply to a Technical Manager position as for a programmer?
    that is – can managerial tasks be performed from any where in the world to manage the virtual Librivox community or do you prefer a person to be located in a specific country?

  7. hugh says:

    @julia: everything is virtual!

  8. mojo jojo says:

    I love librivox and have been using it for a while. Although I dont think i will ever contribute back through a audio recording, I would love to volunteer for the redesign if you will open source the code base.
    Is that something you are considering Hugh ?

  9. Alex Buie says:

    Are these positions still open to apply for?

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