A flood of new audiobooks for you

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We are delighted to report that we have been able to recommence the cataloguing of completed audiobooks. Indeed, 29 have been added in the last 24 hours, and there are many more to come.

Most audiobooks have now had their RSS and iTunes links restored. The rest should be added within the next few days.

The New Releases feed had only appeared broken because there was nothing to put in it. It is now full of goodies for your edification and enjoyment.

Have fun!



  1. Greg Akers says:

    Just got a notice that Operation Outerspace by Murray Leinster was completed.

    Well and Good, but…

    It was completed (and downloaded) last June, this is October!

    Did it get confused with something else recently completed?


  2. Ruth says:

    @Greg No. sorry, this was a bit of an error. Notifications have been on hold, and amongst all the fixing that has been going on, some of the little blighters escaped. We hope to be able to restore the facility one day, but it isn’t top priority right now.

  3. Kerstin Vickers says:


    At my request, you kindly sent me notification by e-mail 12 Oct 2011 that ‘Diana’ by Susan Warner was ready to be downloaded. It has appeared among my podcasts, and I have tried downloading it every day since then, but it doesn’t work and instead I just get exclamation marks before each track and a ‘get button’ after them…
    Likewise, I noticed that a new recording of ‘The Black Moth’ by Georgette Heyer is available but having waited for several days there is still no link to enable downloading it to i-Tunes.

    Please can you advise what i should do?

    I very much enjoy listening to a variety of different Librivox recordings, and appreciate each one of the readers I have listened to! Thank you!


  4. LibriVoxer says:


    The problem with “Diana” should be fixed now. Thank you for bringing the problem to our attention!

    The problem with “The Black Moth” will be looked into.

  5. Kerstin Vickers says:

    Thank you very much!

  6. Kerstin Vickers says:

    Hmm, now having tried to download ‘Diana’ again a couple of times, I still have the same problem as before…

  7. Ruth says:

    There is still something wrong with both, Kerstin. I hope I shall be able to fix Diana today, but The Black Moth will be a little longer. The main files for both are there, and you can download the zip file from http://librivox.org/diana-by-susan-warner/ and http://librivox.org/the-black-moth-version-2-by-georgette-heyer/ then unzip the files and drag them into iTunes (I think – not an iTunes user myself).

  8. LibriVoxer says:

    Sorry, Diana will need the feeds remade also. I have put it on the list. ;)

  9. Kerstin Vickers says:

    Yes, it has worked to download both. Thank you, much appreciated!

  10. Pamela says:

    I am so glad everything is back to normal and let me add my voice to thank everyone who worked so hard to get it that way. Librivox is the best!!!

  11. Gail says:

    Thanks for bringing back the iTunes link, it has returned much luxury to my life. :D

  12. Arik Vexler says:

    thank you so much! thanks to you i am able to read all this wonderfull books.

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