LibriVox server/systems migration

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Urgent note that LibriVox servers are about to get migrated.

Hopefully things will be smooth, seamless, and no one will notice a thing. Probably that won’t be the case.

So there may be more weirdness to fix afterwards, with particular areas of worry the Magic Window (for LibriVox volunteers) and the Catalog system (for listeners and volunteers).

So, sorry in advance for that! We’ll try to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible.





  1. RuthieG says:

    It appears that the New Books list on the front page may once again be broken. Sorry. We look forward to everything being fixed as much as (if not more than) listeners do.

  2. GailP says:

    Things must have gone more or less smoothly as I didn’t notice a thing, but now it seems to me the number of new titles being posted has increased. So I hope things are improving somewhere behind the scenes.

    Thanks all the more, again and again.

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