LibriVox Community Podcast #114

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #114 hosted by Lucy Perry.


Duration: 1hr 47min

With contributions from hugh, kayray, Algy Pug, Availle, RuthieG, Rowland, ExEmGe, HokusPokus, neerajanagarajan, neckertb, Nicholas19, gloriana, Cori, tis, Gesine, annise, Jonathan Awesome, KathrynD, rf, Great Plains, Starlite, aradlaw, TriciaG, russiandoll, wdcallahan and Claire — along with a host of other LibriVox Voices. Sound effects mostly from

Join us as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the creation of LibriVox. Listen as our readers tell us about the parts of LibriVox that they love. And enjoy a lazy afternoon pondering the future of LibriVox.

Running order:
An interview with kayray (4:40)
Algy Pug gives a new reader’s view of LibriVox (14:13)
Some LibriVox statistics collected by Availle (17:22)
RuthieG and the Fifth Anniversary Collections (25:06)
Rowland on LibriVox Addiction (27:40)
ExEmGe on how LibriVox has changed his life (31:57)
LibriVox is Five Years Old, a poem by Lucy_k_p (35:32)
The Languages of LibriVox (37:14)
HokusPokus, neerajanagarajan and neckertb discuss the latest German, Tamil and French works (41:10)
The Language Learning Initiative by Nicolas19 (54:18)
gloriana talks about what’s new in the Dramatic Works Forum (56:47)
Cori reflects on Podcasts (1:04:02)
An interview with hugh (1:05:09)
tis gives us a look behind the scenes at the technical side of LibriVox (1:18:53)
Gesine tell us how to Thank a Reader (1:23:23)
annise and Jonathan Awesome discuss the making of M4B files (1:28:15)
How I create CD Covers by KathrynD (1:32:30)
rf on plain vanilla CD case inserts (1:35:23)
Some advice to new volunteers from Great Plains (1:39:18)
The LibriVox Fundraiser (1:40:31)
Happy Anniversary LibriVox, from all our readers (1:43:05)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Mark Penfold says:

    Dang it—I forgot to contribute something to the podcast!!!! I am so sad right now. But, I will definitely download and listen to THIS one!

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