LibriVox Community Podcast #111

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #111 with Cori, Ruth and Lucy.


Duration: 10:00

Oh my goodness! LibriVox needs money?!

In this podcast, Ruth reads Hugh’s blog post announcing our fundraising drive, Lucy says why she thinks this crazy audio project is worth donating to, and a cast of 17 LibriVoxateers sing to charm a dollar or two from your wallet/purse (song orchestrated and edited together by Ruth.)

Also included: snippets of a number of LibriVox recordings. Though I forgot War and Peace, can you believe it!

Music by Bach and Miguez. In the public domain via. and performed by Felipe Sarro.

And, yes we need money, but only $20,000, to last us some years into the future. Once we meet this target, we’ll stop accepting donations … as of this Monday, we’d raised $12,000. Not so far to go, now. See this post for more information and how to donate!

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  1. kim says:

    Recently I can’t downloan any files from your website. I don’t know why?

  2. Disaster Survival says:

    I read the blog but was too late to put any money in if you were to use part of the money to publicize the site you would have more people knowing it exists and enjoying it.

  3. James Blood says:

    What a fantastic and great site you have here. You have a large plethora of areas and interesting subjects and it is a enchantment to read.

  4. James Blood says:

    What a fantastic and interesting location you have here. You have a massive number of topics and interesting subjects and it is a pleasure to read.

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