LibriVox’s Fourth Anniversary (and Community Podcast #106)

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It’s our Fourth Anniversary! LibriVox started with an optimistic blog post on 10th August, 2005 … and then grew and grew and …We now have a catalog of 2,557 books in 26 languages. And our catalog is growing every day.

You too can volunteer! Or perhaps just pop in to say hi on the forum.

And you can join the celebration by Listening to the LibriVox Community Podcast #106 hosted by Esther.


Duration: 49:40

Intro by Esther with thoughts from Lars Rolander and a poetry collage by David Lawrence.

A few thoughts from Original Member Kara Shallenberg and Founder Hugh McGuire.

A special presentation by Neeru and Eli!

More thoughts from Ryan, Julie and Joy!

Another of Ruthie’s infamous arrangements…

Cori closes us off with one of her famous disclaimers.

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  1. Hugh McGuire says:

    Happy birthday everyone! Thanks Esther for the hard work putting all this together…a wonderful job.

  2. I love LibriVox! We copy the books to CDs and then infilitrate our children’s subconsious minds with great literature as they sleep. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

  3. Corwin says:

    Wow what a great concept using the cds as late night programming.

  4. James Mites says:

    Can you explain the copywrite time frame for me? I know that many books written in the 1960’s are in the public domain? Where would I look up the laws for it?

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