LibriVox Community Podcast #103

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #103 hosted by Epistomolus, with contributions from GreggMargarite and RuthieG.
Duration 19:22

Epistomolus makes some suggestions for those recording here at LibriVox … Gregg talks to recording folk also, about inhibitions and the benefits of easing out of them … and Ruth answers the generally very sensible question (to a non-LibriVoxer, anyway) “Why are you doing it?”

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  1. Mark Penfold says:

    Thank you, Epistomolus, GreggMargarite, and RuthieG, for the excellent advize…er, I mean advice!!!! All the things you talked about—-interest/enthusiasm for the subject one reads, the ability to self-PL before one submits his/her work to the DPL, and the willingness to do what we do—-all essentials for great recordings! Self-PLing, especially, expedites the process and makes it easier for all involved. Also, a VERY finny….er, funny Podcast!!! Thanks again!!!!

  2. Ralph Snelson says:

    Thank you all! I will strive to do a better job of recording now that you have emphasized and illustrated many of the principles of excellence in what we Librivoxateers are doing in and for the world.

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