LibriVox Community Podcast #94

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Listen to Librivox Community Podcast #94 hosted by Cori Samuel. [audio:]
Duration 18:19

This week Redaer, Great Plains and icyjumbo talk about their favourite audio of 2008, while Cloud Mountain wishes LibriVoxers well in 2009.
Mentioned titles include: (Faust, in German, still needing readers)

The Bloopettes are Robinsgirl and TriciaG, with a jingle from Bosco, in the public domain at

Andy Minter has an End of Year Quiz – see this thread for the full file link and more information.

Oh, yes, poetry from Ebenezer Cobham Brewer and Walt Whitman, via kayray, and Cloud Mountain.

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  1. lolo2 says:

    id”nt have book please can u seend me a book

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