LibriVox Reaches 2,000

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Just in time for your 2008/09 new year’s celebration, LibriVox has reach another great milestone, by cataloging our 2,000th book, Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. VI.

The rest of the series can be found here:

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

LibriVox is an all-volunteer project to record public domain audiobooks, and give them away for free. We are among the most prolific audiobook publishers in the world.

We reached 1,000 books on October 31, 2007, after 26 months; the second thousand came 14 months later.

Congratulations to all the readers, coordinators, proof-listeners, moderators, and techies who have helped build LibriVox into one of the great communities online. Thanks to Internet Archive for hosting our audio files, and to Project Gutenberg for making thousands of public domain texts available online. And thanks to all our listeners for listening.

If you’d like to volunteer to help make audio recordings of every public domain text in the universe, you could take a look at our volunteer page, or jump right into our forum.



  1. tell me how to join please!

  2. Ken Bullock says:

    Congratulations! But why does the catalog show a total of 1842 books instead of 2000?

  3. Ruth says:

    Robert: Click the Librivox forums link at top right and come and introduce yourself. You will made most welcome. :)

    Ken: A very interesting question… to which I currently have no answer. But I’m working on it. :D


  4. Ruth says:

    Ah, all is revealed. The “Browse Entire Catalog” shows certain works as having multiple matches, but each match is actually catalogued separately. e.g. Aesop’s Fables and the American Standard Version Bible.

  5. Ken Bullock says:

    Thanks, Ruth, for the answer.

  6. Carole Holdahl says:

    I’m just loving this site. We homeschool, and with the public domain readings, we can cover more ground in literature than before! We can also knit while listening, which is my personal favourite perk!

  7. Tom Hersant says:

    Congratulations, indeed! As you mention in your bio, this service had to happen someday. And you get my thanks and appreciation for making it happen earlier than later. I have now used your service for two books in our monthly Book Club, “Kim” being the current selection.
    I have now volunteered and am doing my test GarageBand reading today.

  8. hugh says:

    thanks carole & tom!

  9. Bala Nair says:

    My Dear LibriVox,

    My self and my family wish you a great success. We have down loaded many books and enjoying them for all these times.
    Please convey our sincere regards to the people behind the scene.

    Bala and Indu/Toronto

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