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The newest LibriVox New Releases Podcast, with
select samples of audiobooks released in May 08 is
now available for download. Hosted by volunteer FNH,
this smooth, relaxed podcast samples but a few of
the great 115 new releases for May 2008! Listen now!

The podcast for releases in May 2008 is downloadable HERE.



  1. Kaffen says:

    Nice job with this podcast! FNH wove this together very well; I wish we could do the same for all 115 titles! (And future releases, too!)

  2. mohammed wael says:

    I wish I could get an audiobook for streetcar named desire and death of salesman. I thank all who participated in this fantastic website

  3. hugh says:

    @FNH: fabulous!

    @mohammed: unfortunately those are both still under copyright.

  4. mohammed says:

    great work you are doing.I thank all librivox community.If an audiobook for a streetcar named desire or death of a salesman is found please inform me via e-mail

  5. hugh says:

    hi mohammed, neither of those is public domain, unfortunately, so we’d can’t record them.

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