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What great feedback this is:

Dear Kayray ….I really am happy to send you this message ,since you are one of our favourite reader of the librivox.Me and my friends live in one of the nations in Africa,namely the proud and never colonized country Ethiopia.Though we are materially poor we enjoy here too much for the kind of calm civilization ,which exists here.We always listen,repetitevely,your recordings of “Letters of two brides” and we are impressed by your sweet and impressful voice which you arouse and ignite our passion for classic pieces like this.Please our dear lots people here in Ethiopia have started knowing you,we all are your fans and don’t hesitate to send us reply.We love you our dear sister!!!!! farewell
Voices from Africa



  1. Chris says:

    I would like also to thank KayRay, her work is really very good.

  2. Cute Ira says:

    Kayray is awesome.
    The voice of this reader is my favorite on I like to relax by listening to it in the rainy evenings.

  3. Youngjin Kim says:

    Happy to join your company!

  4. Jennifer Nelson says:

    Another KayRay fan checking in here! I have so enjoyed her reading. I especially loved her reading of Heidi. She puts so much life into her reading, yet it never comes across as over dramatic or showy. Thanks, Kara…if you’re reading this. You’re the best.

  5. Carrie says:

    Yes… when I’m listening to a multi-voice recording, I’m always thrilled to hear that voice come across my speakers, and I wonder how many chapters she managed to squeeze in!

  6. kayray says:

    You are all so kind! I’m very glad you enjoy my reading. :)

  7. Mark Gee says:

    Just finished listening to Secret Garden. It’s not the kind of book I would normally rad but I had a lot drive. It was surprisingly enjoyable because of KayRay’s naration. most bounteous gratitude

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