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Michael Geist has an article in the Toronto Star about book 2.0 projects. The two projects cited are Evan Prodromou’s Wikitravel Press, and LibriVox.
About LibriVox, he says:

Canadians are also playing a leading role in reshaping the creation of audiobooks. Hugh McGuire, a Montreal-based writer and Web developer, established LibriVox in August 2005. The site is also based on concept of Internet collaboration. In this instance, LibriVox volunteers create voice recordings of chapters of books that are in the public domain. The resulting audio files are posted back on to the Internet for free.

The LibriVox project, which does not have an annual budget, has succeeded in placing more than 1,200 audio books on the Internet, including Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, works from Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and hundreds more.



  1. alvaro says:

    id like to listen you evereyday.

  2. Greg Krasichynsky says:

    I’m glad I poked around – just to learn that this effort is Canadian. Of course it is. There is no angle of any sort to turn a hateful buck on it. I have downloaded madly, enough so that I feel compelled to become a contributor. Thank you for the marvelous work!

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