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Free Listens is a blog dedicated to reviewing free audiobooks (including some LibriVox books), with new posts weekly. We particularly like the sensible/honest review policies:

* Solo recordings – I tend to review recordings made by one person, rather than the chapter-per-person organization of the Librivox group recordings. I do this for two reasons: 1) I like solo recordings better and 2) it’s easier to review. Listing the qualities of 14 different readers is difficult enough as it is without the possibility that I’ll have to own up that one of the 14 is sub-par.

* No bad reviews – If I’m reading a book and decide I don’t like it, I’ll put it aside; no hard feelings. I’ve come back to books from time to time and discovered that they’re actually good books, but I just wasn’t in the right mental state to enjoy it. The same goes with readers. I won’t continue listening if I dislike the reader, but neither will I publish my opinion that the reader is awful. There’s too much of good stuff out there to spend time dwelling on the negative




  1. Free Listens says:

    Thanks for the link, Hugh. And thank you so much to all the LibriVox volunteers who’ve donated their recordings to the public domain. You’ve given such a gracious gift.

  2. Ken Wilson says:

    Thanks to Librivox I have found good classic books and am able to keep my blind friends armed with good listening.

    I want to be included on being sent a notice when new books are released
    Ken Wilson

  3. James Mites says:

    Yes it is true I used to really be down on English movies but found several series of them and now enjoy the voice and the acting. I used to believe there was nothing to them now they are fun so I understand that tastes vary and can change. Thank you for the work you put in.

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