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Shownotes Librivox Community Podcast 55 –
Host: Robert Scott and Ticktockman

    Greetings ( a little Tom-follery )

    How Much Mojo ?
    Zen Cohen Tease
    Mail-Bag – an e-mail from FNH ( request for tutorials ) LV – Noise Cleaning Wiki :
    A little praise for the New Wiki Pages
    Delibab – Compares his new Samson Q1u Mic to his old Plantronics Headset and a “No Name Ultra Cheap” Headset ( TTM on finessing the Q1u mic )
    Jazbees – Suggests Dynamic processing / TTM – explains Expansion and Noise gating ( how to get rid of noise without Noise Cleaning )
    Robert Scott’s All new 100% re-Vamped Recording Methodology ( Get Up on Your Mic!! )
    de Wittkower with a light hearted comparrison of the MNova Condenser vs Headset mic and a little Nietzsche

    Zen Master Cohen instructs Robert Scott using: Hot dogs and Money as metaphore for : “Change” ?

    Outtro : GVerb Harp “latta fa u”
    Acknowledgements and Credits // Thanks to LV Community Members who contributed

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  1. susan mcguire says:

    Im looking at your website from Italy. The turquoise type, particularly on the right hand column, is very fuzzy. In fact, a lot of the type is fuzzy, a problem I havent noted on other websites.

  2. hugh says:

    interesting … hmm….i presume it’s an old computer? do you have more details about the computer? PC? Mac? etc …

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