LibriVox New Releases Podcast for 21 July 2007

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LV’s New Release Podcast
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Host: Alan Drake

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The New Releases Podcast is LibriVox’s twice-a-month preview of new audiobooks available for free at LibriVox is an online volunteer community dedicated to producing free public-domain audiobooks.

• New Release Podcast for 07 July 2007

Title: The Second LibriVox New Releases Podcast
Host: Alan Drake
Size: 31.9 MB
Length: 34:44
Music: Cloud Mountain – created in GarageBand

• The line-up, with time markers…

00:00 • Welcome
00:45 • Comments about LibriVox

01:52 • New Fiction and Short Works

• Samples of New Fiction:
04:08 • Something New by P. G. Wodehouse
06:47 • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
09:33 • Just David by Eleanor H. Porter
12:15 • A Room with a View by E. M. Forster

14:26 • New Non-Fiction

14:26 • Sample: A Chronicle of Jean Talon in Canada by Thomas Chapais
16:45 • Other works of non-fiction
19:04 • Sample: History of Holland by George Edmundson

21:03 • New Poetry

• Samples of New Poetry
21:54 The Philosopher by Edna St. Vincent Millay
22:35 I Want to Die While You Love Me by G. D. Johnson

23:50 • New Philosophy and Religion

• A Sample of New Philosophy and Religion
25:04 The Revelation of Baha-ullah… by I. Brittingham

27:30 • Audiobooks in Languages Other Than English

• A Sample of an Audiobooks in a Language Other Than English
28:27 • Esperanto’s International Language by L. L. Zamenhof

31:59 Multilingual Poetry Collection 002 by various authors

32:32 • Final comments

Listen now: [audio:]


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  1. LibriVox Admin Team says:

    Wonderful podcast, Alan! Thank you so much for putting it together. My parakeets went bananas when they heard your backyard songbirds!

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