We Got Hacked

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A nice fellow named y3v.h4x has hacked our wordpress site, so if there are some problems with pages, please be patient, we’re trying to put things back together. Please send an email to info AT librivox DOT org to if you see any problems.



  1. Podchef says:

    What version did they hack? Did you upgrade to 2.0.7 before or after the hack?
    Guess I need to check out all my sites. . . .

  2. hugh says:

    update after the hack. all secure now, one hopes.

    if i were a hacker, i would take on bigger fish than a bunch of people who sit around recording public domain texts. sort of like the football team beating up the high school band.

  3. Eunah Choi says:

    Who hacked such an innocent website full of innocent people?
    Well, I am glad to see that all is secure now!
    Hopefully such a thing will never happen again!
    Every Librivoxers, keep up the good work!

  4. Dan Parsons says:

    Not to defend the hacker or anything, but this attack could very well have originated from an automated system developed by the hacker. It’s pretty trivial to write a program that uses google to find exploitable web sites, and then run a script against that web site.

  5. John Farwell says:

    my home site http://zuma.theprawn.com has a forum using the old classic Matt Wright BBS perl script which wasn’t very secure. Matt Wright even rewrote the script later to plug a javascript hole. anyway, i got hit. i cleaned it up & went on & got rehit & this cycled through a number of times. i figured they’d get bored. but no, as dogged as a bot they were.
    …so i caved in & eventually password protected the BBS page. to this day, they or the bot keeps trying but of course doesn’t get in.
    …i traced the IP number back to sadlyno.com and wrote them a civil email.
    …turns out they’re innocent. actually a site to my sympathies. -they were being used by a hacker’s script. they spoke publicly of all this, cause there were a great many peiple quite pissed.

    love this site.
    best regards.

  6. Zale says:

    Eunah Choi wrote:
    “Who hacked such an innocent website full of innocent people?”

    In a world where people kill their own children (shooting, beating to death, microwaving…just check the headlines) for no good reason, hacking is a pretty minor consideration. There are a lot of people out there whose self image is so weak they do all kinds of insane things to make themselves feel important and powerful. Sad, but true.

  7. Francois says:

    It’s not really the “site full of innocent people” the hacker wanted to exploit. Probably just found a glitch and played with it. Chances are he has no clue what people use the site and doesnt really care, all he sees is code and weak code and exploits the weakness… But it is damn shamefull that he did’nt use all that knowledge to hack for the good of humanity.. like say…shut down fox news :)

  8. Branko Collin says:

    Your contact page still says “hacked by”. Perhaps you should Google your site for that phrase. I tried the standard WordPress search function, but it redirected me to a website that tried to install malware on my pc.

    You did not fully clean your site (or you did, but then you did not protect), and as a result your visitors are now running real risks.

  9. LibriVox Admin Team says:

    The malware problem is the reason the WordPress search functionality was removed from the webpage. However, the problem should be fixed now and all traces of it are (from what I can tell) removed.

  10. y3v.h4x says:

    hey sowwy for rootin your server
    what was it that you had wrong.. your password was so “public” and your safe mode was off but i didnt delete anything.. just borrowed some of your bandwidth :x

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