Montreal Gazette on LibriVox

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After more than a year of LibriVoxing and articles in lots of fancy newspapers in other countries, and interviews and stories on many radio stations, my hometown newspaper decided to do a story on LibriVox! Unfortunately, the Gazette decided not to put the article online, but the writer put it up on his own site. Here tis:

LibriVox and the Power of Distributed Communities.

Nice article, by the same writer who did the NY Times piece a while back (you may recognize some sentences). Juicy quote:

LibriVox’s success is a study in how blogs and other collaborative Internet technologies are enabling large groups of people from all over the world to come together and build not just a community but also something tangible, a product or service.


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  1. Designcrit says:

    It’s rare to be able to sit at your laptop and create something that has intrinsic value beyong a posted comment or uploaded snapshot. Librivox is part of the open source movement that is adding valuable content now and for the future. Libraarians and geeks shall inherit the earth!

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