October 12th – Librivox Community Podcast

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The latest issue of the Librivox Community Podcast is now available. This issue features Ductapeguy as your host and an interview with Starlite.

Listen to Librivox Community Podcast #5 hosted by Sean McGaughey. [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/librivox_community_2006/librivox_community_podcast_05.mp3]

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  1. LibriVox Admin Team says:

    Oh, those poor artificial announcers … sniff.
    Sniff? I hope I haven’t caught TBOL3’s frog!
    Did you know that in addition to everything else she does, Starlite also edits like crazy? In her next interview, I hope she’s asked whether cloning was required in order to manage all that. Oh! And I want to report that the not-yet-completed Ulysses chapter 15 has the distinct distinction of receiving Starlite’s first recording ever (she mingles in the crowd scenes). And another thing–she and MermaidMaddie were the crew that brought you The LibriVox Anniversary Show! And lastly, I highly recommend her own Twain solo, Eve’s Diary.
    Listening to the podcast on a very good headset, I felt I was visiting you in your den with family voices and household sounds drifting through in a very cozy way. :) Thanks a b’zillion, Ductapeguy!
    (I love this series of podcasts. Hooray! –Anita)

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