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From Sadie, new listener, new volunteer:

I just wanted to say thank you.

I can’t believe you people have volunteered to put audio stories out on the internet without charging a penny. It’s so easy to get swept up in the profit that can be made on the web, selling nearly everything. As a single disabled mother of one, I have neither the funds nor the ability to go out and buy great books such as the ones you feature.

I thank you most sincerely!

What can a listener do to help support and promote you and your site?


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  1. Administrator says:

    We’re so glad you are enjoying our books! As you’ve already found out, we can always use help in our Listeners Wanted section:

    We ask listeners to “proof-listen” our completed projects before we catalog them, to check for easily editable errors such as repeated sentences or oddly-long pauses. (NOT for things like small stumbles, page turns, or mispronounciations – we accept such things as part of the volunteer charm of librivox)

    There’s almost always a book or two posted there and waiting for helpful listeners such as you, Sadie! :)


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