Librivox on BBC’s The World

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Cyrus Farivar’s earlier reporting on Wired News was picked up and expanded for an audio segment on BBC’s The World. Hugh, Kara and Rainer are featured reading and talking about our activities.

Listen to the 4 minute segment (streaming Windows Media)



  1. Alex Foster says:

    Brill — I’ve tried to get the BBC Radio 4 (speech radio) interested through their programme In Touch (for visually impaired listeners) — they frequently talk about the problems in availability for audiobooks.

  2. hugh says:

    hey alex – in touch has been … in touch. trying to work out a time for an interview.

  3. ( says:

    […] My Obligation to the Meme calls, this time by Hugh who can now safely be called “of LibriVox fame“, so without further ado, five things about me that could be interpreted as “odd”. […]

  4. Keith Dyson says:

    My son has just telephoned me and, during the conversation about books we want to read, he told me about LIBRIVOX.
    As the sight in my right eye is failing I find that my horror is growing at, potentially, losing my sight completely.
    This initiative in public domain availability of treasured books is so invigorating to me.
    Please succeed for all of us who love books, but who may find it less easy, more difficult or evan impossible in the future.
    If I can help in any way possible p;ease advise me!
    Keith Dyson

  5. hugh says:

    hi keith glad you stopped by, and i hope you enjoy!

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