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So I still haven’t figured torrents out, but Stephan and Chris have been working hard to launch LibriVox into the world of chopped-up and reassembled files. More info to follow, but we’ve had HUNDREDS of downloads of our torrented books. It’s really quite remarkable. Thank you Stephan and Chris.

You can check, for instance: legaltorrents.

You can also find us on other, more famous torrent sites (try searching for audiobooks).



  1. donni37 says:

    Yes – i like your stuff. I found your site through a torrent for ‘Call of the Wild’.
    So you can see that torrents work in all kinds of wonderous ways. Keep publishing for free. Maybe i will even volunteer, i said maybe…later folks.regards.donni

  2. Stephan says:

    These are some numbers from and
    Some Torrents are 6 days old some only 1 day old:

    Alices Adventures in Wonderland – 589x
    Psmith in the City – 364x
    Call of the Wild – 348x
    Notes from the Underground – 306x
    The secret Agent – 339x
    Notes from the Underground- 306x
    The Road to Oz – 255x
    Frankenstein – 238x
    Treasure Island – 224x
    A mysteries Affair at Styles – 224x
    Five Children and It – 139x
    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court – 310x
    The Pilgrims Progress – 66x
    Old Christmas – 101x
    An international Episode – 87x
    Helsinkiin (finnish) – 80x

  3. Stephan says:

    Its a great feeling to use my PC, my line to allote these wonderful audiobooks to the people who want them.

    The Thing about BitTorrent is, that we are our own servers.
    People download the books from our PCs at home. From me a bit, from you a bit if you participate.

    My PC alone uploaded:
    154 Librivox Books. 22 gigabyte. In 6 days.
    I am having a standart 24/7 DSL connection.

    Everybody in Librivox with a time-and-transfer-unlimited DSL connection is asked to help us with the Torrents. The more people publish those books along with chris, vee, rfrancis, and me the faster everybody who is interested, can download them. Also we can make sure, that no book ever gets unavailable.

  4. Stephan says:

    Compare to the number of downloads on

    Call of the Wild, 222x
    Mysterious Affair at Styles, 160x
    The Secret Agent, 162x
    Frankenstein 176x
    Treasure Island, 138x
    An International Episode, 109x
    Notes from the Underground, 102x
    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, 101x
    The Road to Oz, 89x
    The Pilgrim’s Progress, 69x
    A Little Princess, 73x
    Old Christmas, 86x
    A Christmas Carol, 81
    Psmith in the City, 82x
    Five Children and It, 20x
    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 19x

    The torrents are generating a good deal of attention.

  5. hugh says:

    holy smokes 80 downloads of our finnish book! cool!

  6. John says:

    I had no idea people still read this old books….

  7. […] Meanwhile, Librivox makes its public domain audiobooks available on bittorrent as well as from, and mine may even be floating around out there somewhere. (Since I did make them public domain, that’s perfectly okay.) So take a look, and go feed your need for audiobooks.   […]

  8. Roger Standridge says:

    Change that link in this post from ‘legaltorrents’ to ‘clearbits’ for all the reaons you probably changed the domain name. Please?

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