LibriVox on the Curriculum!

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Oh, I love this:

Mrs. S., who teaches Language Arts 8, at Fredericktown Intermediate in Fredericktown, Ohio, is studying Call of the Wild with her class … she posted this note on the class webpage:

Some Favorite Links:
* Call of the Wild Complete text of the book we are reading!
* Call of the Wild–mp3 Complete audio book–free!

That’s a link to us, by the way.



  1. Whee!

    Thanks, Mrs. S.!

    I hope more teachers will get on the band-wagon and make Librivox files available to their students (or at least point them towards the files, in any case).

    It’s something I certainly wish existed when I was a student!


  2. Paula says:

    Hm. The link took me to this message: Sorry! What you’re looking for isn’t on the site. I’m sure Mrs. S. wrote something lovely, though.

  3. Well… she didn’t actually write anything regarding the files … it is more the fact that an educator is taking advantage of the Librivox recordings, than any particular recommendation.

    … and yes, the link is broken, Hugh!

  4. hugh says:

    also, we’ve had a +ve email exchange… hope something comes of it.

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