Zip, the Adventures of a Frisky Fox Terrier

Frances Trego Montgomery (1858 - 1925)

Zip, a little fox terrier, lives in the town of Maplewood in the house of his owner, Dr. Elsworth. Each day when Dr. Elsworth drives his carriage to visit his patients, Zip goes along with him so that he can keep the doctor company and, most importantly, visit with the other animals in the town. Zip likes to find out all the latest news so that he can tell it to his best friend, Tabby the cat, who also lives with Dr. Elsworth. However, he also finds himself getting into mischief, whether it's trying to solve a burglary, sneaking fried chicken from a picnic, getting stuck in a stovepipe or fighting with Peter-Kins the monkey. Zip is one dog who never has a dull day. (Summary by Lee Ann Howlett.)

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Animals & Nature

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - In Which Zip is Introduced to the Reader Lee Ann Howlett
Play 02 02 - Zip's Exciting News Lee Ann Howlett
Play 03 03 - Zip Unearths the Stolen Silver Lee Ann Howlett
Play 04 04 - Zip's Disastrous Jump Lee Ann Howlett
Play 05 05 - Zip is Stuck in the Stovepipe Lee Ann Howlett
Play 06 06 - Zip and Peter-Kins Lee Ann Howlett
Play 07 07 - Zip, Peter-Kins and the Turkey Gobbler Lee Ann Howlett
Play 08 08 - Zip at the Candy Pull Lee Ann Howlett
Play 09 09 - Zip and Peter-Kins Have a Fight Lee Ann Howlett
Play 10 10 - Zip's Curiosity is His Undoing Lee Ann Howlett