Yankee at Molokai

Eva K. Betz (1897 - 1968)

As a daring soldier in the Union Army, Ira Dutton earned the respect and affection of the men around him. Handsome and affable, he could have had a full social life when the war was over. But he felt that his "wild years" demanded atonement - and where could that better be found than in Molokai, where the ailing Father Damien Needed help?

So he made a free gift of himself, his strength and his capacity for love. Deeply patriotic, he cultivated in his charges devotion to America. A vivid exciting story. (Summary from an original jacket.)

Genre(s): General, Biography

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 1 - A Gymnasium Comes and Goes Maria Therese
Play 02 2 - The Janesville Zouaves Volunteer Maria Therese
Play 03 3 - Ira Does Some Hard Jobs Maria Therese
Play 04 4 - Ira Becomes Brother Joseph Maria Therese
Play 05 5 - And Finds Even Harder Jobs Maria Therese
Play 06 6 - Ships as Tall as Hills Maria Therese
Play 07 7 - Brother Joseph Does War Work Maria Therese
Play 08 8 - Brother Joseph Gets to Mass Maria Therese
Play 09 9 - Taps Maria Therese