Winnie-the-Pooh (Version 2)

A. A. Milne (1882 - 1956)

A charming collection of 10 relaxing tales, come along into the Forest as Winnie-the-Pooh tries to get some honey, the search is on for Eeyore's tail, some new visitors arrive in the form of Kanga and Baby Roo and an 'Expotition' is held to discover the North Pole! A classic for over 95 years and one that everyone young and old will surely adore. (Summary by Matthew Soanes)

Genre(s): Animals & Nature, Family

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dedication and Introduction Matthew Soanes
Play 01 Chapter One: in which we are introduced to Winnie-the-Pooh and some Bees, and the stories begin Matthew Soanes
Play 02 Chapter Two: in which Pooh goes visiting and gets into a tight place Matthew Soanes
Play 03 Chapter Three: in which Pooh and Piglet go hunting and nearly catch a Woozle Matthew Soanes
Play 04 Chapter Four: in which Eeyore loses a tail and Pooh finds one Matthew Soanes
Play 05 Chapter Five: in which Piglet meets a Heffalump Matthew Soanes
Play 06 Chapter Six: in which Eeyore has a birthday and gets two presents Matthew Soanes
Play 07 Chapter Seven: in which Kanga and Baby Roo come to the Forest, and Piglet has a bath Matthew Soanes
Play 08 Chapter Eight: in which Christopher Robin leads an expotition to the North Pole Matthew Soanes
Play 09 Chapter Nine: in which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water Matthew Soanes
Play 10 Chapter Ten: in which Christopher Robin gives a Pooh Party, and we say good-bye Matthew Soanes