Coulson Kernahan (1858 - 1943)

Deeper questions of life and death, and of God’s relationship to man, are explored in this collection of “dreams” by a noted English novelist and literary critic. A man takes an uncertain step into the next world as his life ends – Defendants at the Last Judgment hurl their own accusations at the Judge – An angel arrives on Christmas Eve to guide one soul through a night of despair and doubt – Flowers in a garden contemplate their own mortality – What would it mean if the world renounced Christ, or God took Christ away from the world? – And in a world of the future, pleasure and luxury are pursued … and children are nowhere to be found. (Introduction by D. Leeson)

Genre(s): Fantastic Fiction, *Non-fiction, Religion

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Child-Face David Leeson
Play 02 The Dream of the Dead Folk David Leeson
Play 03 God and the Ant David Leeson
Play 04 The Heavenly Grafting David Leeson
Play 05 The Face Beyond the Door, Part 1 David Leeson
Play 06 The Face Beyond the Door, Part 2 David Leeson
Play 07 The Garden of God David Leeson
Play 08 The Child, the Wise Man, and the Devil David Leeson
Play 09 The Lonely God David Leeson
Play 10 A World Without a Child, Part 1 David Leeson
Play 11 A World Without a Child, Part 2 David Leeson