Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Volume 02

United Nations

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (10 December 1948 at Palais de Chaillot, Paris). The Guinness Book of Records describes the UDHR as the "Most Translated Document" in the world. It consists of 30 articles which outline the view of the General Assembly on the human rights guaranteed to all people.(Summary adapted from Wikipedia)

This Librivox collection contains 42 readings of this declaration, recorded by 35 volunteers in 39 different languages - to mark its 60th anniversary.
In combination with an earlier Librivox collection this brings the total number of languages of Librivox readings of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to 53.

Genre(s): *Non-fiction, Contemporary

Language: Multilingual

Group: Multilingual Recordings of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Acehnese Etext Adam
00:21:21 ace
Play 02 Balinese Etext Bryan Chew
00:24:02 ban
Play 03 Buginese Etext Bryan Chew
00:21:35 bug
Play 04 Bulgarian Etext Euthymius
00:14:40 bg
Play 05 Catalan Etext Núria Harket
00:13:31 ca
Play 06 Chinese Etext Nelly (林子)
00:15:54 zh
Play 07 Czech Etext Miroslav Sedivy
00:13:53 cs
Play 08 Faroese Etext Phileas
00:11:25 fo
Play 09 Western Frisian Etext Stefan Norbruis
00:13:47 fy
Play 10 French Etext Bernard
00:16:29 fr
Play 11 Greek Etext peaceuntoyou
00:24:43 el
Play 12 Hebrew Etext Asaf Bartov
00:14:57 he
Play 13 Hindi Etext Bryan Chew
00:17:39 hi
Play 14 Hungarian Etext Diana Majlinger
00:12:28 hu
Play 15 Indonesian Etext Ria
00:15:18 id
Play 16 Italian Etext Daniele
00:14:46 it
Play 17 Italian Etext Luigina
00:19:02 it
Play 18 Javanese Etext Christianese
00:18:48 jv
Play 19 Javanese, Semarang Etext Christianese
00:18:06 jv
Play 20 Latin Etext Varra Unreal
00:18:43 la
Play 21 Latvian Etext Kristine Bekere
00:15:11 lv
Play 22 Luxembourgish Etext Letz Learn
00:15:07 lb
Play 23 Minangkabau Etext Sjinta Djoemiati
00:22:46 min
Play 24 Nynorsk Etext Bård Esteland
00:15:45 nn
Play 25 Occitan (Languedocien) Etext Alan Maury
00:14:55 oc
Play 26 Oriya Etext redabrus
00:16:17 or
Play 27 Polish Etext Kaya Małek
00:16:05 pl
Play 28 Plain language version, English Etext David Barnes
00:08:33 en
Play 29 Pampango, or Kapampangan Etext Dimuthu
00:30:51 pam
Play 30 Portuguese Etext Sofia Laureano
00:16:00 pt
Play 31 Romanian Etext Xipho
00:12:54 ro
Play 32 Russian Etext Sirene Darktail
00:11:38 ru
Play 33 Slovak Etext Miroslav Sedivy
00:12:07 sk
Play 34 Spanish Etext Marisela Riveros
00:15:40 es
Play 35 Sundanese Etext Bryan Chew
00:16:01 su
Play 36 Swedish Etext Adam
00:26:16 sv
Play 37 Swedish Etext Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
00:16:46 sv
Play 38 Tamil Etext Dupmal
00:20:05 ta
Play 39 Tamil Etext Dimuthu
00:15:36 ta
Play 40 Ukrainian Etext Olga
00:14:22 uk
Play 41 Urdu Etext Ahkam
00:19:28 ur
Play 42 Yiddish Etext Samstar
00:17:47 yi