United Kingdom House of Commons Speeches Collection, volume 2


This is the second LibriVox collection of speeches given in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. The collection comprises recordings of 14 historic speeches given to the UK House of Commons between 1766 and 1956. Readings are of speeches origninally given by parliamentarians including William Pitt the Elder, John Stuart Mill, Dadabhai Naoroji, Lady Astor, Stanley Baldwin, Clement Attlee, Aneurin Bevan and Tony Benn. (Summary by Carl Manchester)

Genre(s): Essays & Short Works, Political Science

Language: English

Group: UK Parliamentary Speeches

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Speech against the Stamp Act of 1765, 1766 William Pitt the Elder Etext Carol Stripling
00:10:41 en
Play 02 Speech on capital punishment, 1868 John Stuart Mill Etext Gary Gilberd
00:23:41 en
Play 03 Speech on taxation in India, 1893 Dadabhai Naoroji Etext Jason Mills
00:17:21 en
Play 04 Speech on the effects of liquor for women and children, 1920 Nancy Astor Etext Hannah Dowell
00:20:42 en
Play 05 Speech on disarmament, 1923 Stanley Baldwin Etext Sally Ann Cook
00:18:03 en
Play 06 Speech on unemployment amongst women, 1924 Margaret Bondfield Etext Hannah Dowell
00:13:10 en
Play 07 The Bomber Will Always Get Through, 1932 Stanley Baldwin Etext coops
00:16:19 en
Play 08 Speech on the BBC, 1933 Katherine Stewart-Murray Etext Rhonda Federman
00:06:48 en
Play 09 Speech on the Abdication, 1936 Stanley Baldwin Etext Andy Minter (1934-2017)
00:29:54 en
Play 10 Speech on decolonisation Clement Attlee Etext Patricia
00:13:57 en
Play 11 Speech on the NHS Act, 1946 Aneurin Bevan Etext Philippa
00:51:59 en
Play 12 Speech on the Cold War, 1950 Alec Douglas-Home Etext Nicknight
00:14:37 en
Play 13 Speech on the Voice of Britain, 1956 Tony Benn Etext Matthew Ward
00:24:23 en
Play 14 Speech on the Suez Crisis, 1956 Anthony Eden Etext Rhonda Federman
00:10:30 en