Chronicles of Canada Volume 13 - The United Empire Loyalists: A Chronicle of the Great Migration

W. Stewart Wallace (1884 - 1970)

Volume 13 of The Chronicles of Canada Series. This volume sheds light on the often misunderstood Americans who chose to remain loyal to the Crown of England during and after the American Revolution. While the vast majority of American writings which detail the Revolution paint the Loyalists (sometimes called Tories) in the most negative fashion, this volume explains the reasons behind their election to flee to Canada (and other countries) rather than remain on American soil. While no exact numbers exist of Loyalists who fled to Canada in 1783-1784, the estimates of John Adams and others of the time period range in the vicinity of one third of the population, which places that number at about a million. These were not people who fled in fear, rather they were generally people who felt the benefit of support from the British Crown outweighed the support they would receive from the unproven social, financial, and political structures which had yet to be formed. Some were opportunists in search of free land. But all were a brave people who chose to leave the comfort of their homeland to help settle uncharted territories of what we now know as Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia; a people who held their heads high as they settled a largely untamed land. (Introduction by Roger Melin)

Genre(s): *Non-fiction, History, Early Modern

Language: English

Group: Chronicles of Canada Series

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - Introductory Roger Melin
Play 02 02 - Loyalism In the Thirteen Colonies Roger Melin
Play 03 03 - Persecution of the Loyalists Roger Melin
Play 04 04 - The Loyalists Under Arms Roger Melin
Play 05 05 - Peace Without Honour Roger Melin
Play 06 06 - The Exodus To Nova Scotia Roger Melin
Play 07 07 - The Birth of New Brunswick Roger Melin
Play 08 08 - In Prince Edward Island Roger Melin
Play 09 09 - The Loyalists In Quebec Roger Melin
Play 10 10 - The Western Settlements Roger Melin
Play 11 11 - Compensation and Honour Roger Melin
Play 12 12 - The American Migration Roger Melin
Play 13 13 - The Loyalist In His New Home Roger Melin