Union and Communion - or Thoughts on the Song of Solomon

J. Hudson Taylor (1832 - 1905)

This little book, whose design is to lead the devout Bible student into the Green Pastures of the Good Shepherd, thence to the Banqueting House of the King, and thence to the service of the Vineyard, is one of the abiding legacies of Mr. Hudson Taylor to the Church. In the power of an evident unction from the Holy One, he has been enabled herein to unfold in simplest language the deep truth of the believer's personal union with the Lord, which under symbol and imagery is the subject of The Song of Songs. (From the Foreword by J Stuart Holden).

Genre(s): *Non-fiction, Philosophy, Psychology

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 0 - Introductory David Barnes
Play 01 1 - The Unsatisfied Life and Its Remedy David Barnes
Play 02 2 - Communion Broken - Restoration David Barnes
Play 03 3 - The Joy of Unbroken Communion David Barnes
Play 04 4 - Communion Again Broken - Restoration David Barnes
Play 05 5 - Fruits of Recognized Union David Barnes
Play 06 6 - Unrestrained Communion David Barnes
Play 07 7 - Appendix - The Daughters of Jerusalem David Barnes