Two Diaries From Middle St. John's, Berkeley, South Carolina, February - May, 1865

Susan R. JERVEY (1840 - ?) and Charlotte St. Julien RAVENEL (? - 1880) and Mary Rhodes Waring HENAGAN ( - )

Two diaries from Middle St. John’s, Berkeley, South Carolina, February – May, 1865. Journals kept by Miss Susan R. Jervey and Miss Charlotte St. Julien Ravenel, at Northampton and Poooshee Plantations, and reminiscences of Mrs. (Waring) Henagan. With two contemporary reports from Federal officials. Published by the St. John’s Hunting Club, Middle St. Johns, Berkeley, South Carolina, 1921. - Summary by Book title and david wales

Genre(s): *Non-fiction, War & Military, Biography & Autobiography

Language: English

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Play 00 Preface David Wales
Play 01 Journal of Miss Susan R. Jervey David Wales
Play 02 Journal of Miss Charlotte St. John Ravenel David Wales
Play 03 Reminiscences by Mrs. (Waring) Henagan David Wales
Play 04 Report of Brevet Brigadier General Alfred S. Hartwell, 55 Massachusetts Infantry, April 5-15, 1865 David Wales
Play 05 Extracts From The Diary Of Colonel Charles B. Fox, 55th Massachusettes David Wales