Triplanetary, First in the Lensman Series

E. E. Smith (1890 - 1965)

Triplanetary was first serialized in Amazing Stories in 1934. After the Lensman series became popular, Smith took his Triplanetary story and turned it into the first of the Lensman series, using it as a prequel to give the back story for the protaganists in the Lensmen series. He added 6 new chapters, doubling it in size and it's really a different book from the serialized novel, being published 14 years after the first. It was put into Gutenberg just last year.

The novel covers several episodes in an eons-long eugenics project of the super-intelligences of the Arisia. This alien race is breeding two genetic lines to become the ultimate weapon in Arisia's cosmic war with their arch enemy, the Eddore. The initial chapters cover the Kinnison genetic line during the fall of Atlantis and Nero's (Gharlane of Eddore) reign in Rome. These tales were inserted into the novel following the serialized release, along with chapters covering members of the Kinnison line in World Wars One, Two and Three. The final chapter of Triplanetary tells of the discovery of the inertialess drive that allows faster than light travel. Patrolman Conway Costigan and his friends engage in a space battle with Gray Roger the pirate gangster. This conflict is complicated by the arrival of the technologically superior, extra-Solar, amphibian-like Nevians, resulting in the first interstellar war involving humans. In this story Virgil Samms and Roderick Kinnison, two very important members of the eugenics project, are introduced. They will play the leading roles in the next story, First Lensman. (Summary by Wikipedia and Phil Chenevert)

Genre(s): Science Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Arisia and Eddore Phil Chenevert
Play 02 The Fall of Atlantis Phil Chenevert
Play 03 The Fall of Rome Phil Chenevert
Play 04 1918 Phil Chenevert
Play 05 1941 Phil Chenevert
Play 06 19—? Phil Chenevert
Play 07 Pirates of Space Phil Chenevert
Play 08 In Roger's Planetoid Phil Chenevert
Play 09 Fleet Against Planetoid Phil Chenevert
Play 10 Within the Red Veil Phil Chenevert
Play 11 Nevian Strife Phil Chenevert
Play 12 Worm, Submarine, and Freedom Phil Chenevert
Play 13 The Hill Phil Chenevert
Play 14 The Super-Ship Is Launched Phil Chenevert
Play 15 Specimens Phil Chenevert
Play 16 Super-Ship in Action Phil Chenevert
Play 17 Roger Carries On Phil Chenevert
Play 18 The Specimens Escape Phil Chenevert
Play 19 Giants Meet Phil Chenevert