Three Homilies on the Devil

St. John Chrysostom (c. 349 - c. 407)
Translated by Philip Schaff (1819 - 1893)

John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, delivered these three homilies, most likely at Antioch, about the role of demons in our life. The summary for each one follows: 1) Against those who say that demons govern human affairs, and who are displeased at the chastisement of God, and are offended at the prosperity of the wicked and the hardships of the just. 2) Against those who object because the devil has not been put out of the world: and to prove that his wickedness does no harm to us—if we take heed: and concerning repentance. 3) That evil comes of sloth, and virtue from diligence, and that neither wicked men, nor the devil himself, are able to do the wary man any harm. The proof of this from many passages, and amongst others from those which relate to Adam and to Job. - Summary by Philip Schaff, the translator

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