Three Girls in a Flat

Enid Yandell (1870 - 1934), Jean Loughborough (1867 - 1924) et al.

Enid Yandell (October 6, 1870 - June 13, 1934) was an American sculptor who studied with Auguste Rodin and Frederick William MacMonnies. She created numerous portraits, garden pieces and small works as well as public monuments. Ms. Yandell also studied in Paris and kept a studio there. This book, Three Girls in a Flat, is a semi-autobiographical account of her work as a sculptor for the Horticultural Building at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Co-written with two friends, it's an episodic account of the trials and tribulations of three young women eking out a living while sharing a small flat in Chicago. The young ladies are called Virginia (or Gene), Marjorie and the Duke (a young sculptor -- certainly Ms. Yandell's character). Interspersed among the stories of their work days, social gatherings held in their flat, daily life in Chicago, interactions with their neighbors, and young male callers at various times, are descriptions of the work of the women involved with the Woman's Building at the Columbian Exposition. Part historical information and part personal events in the girl's lives, this is a light and enjoyable read. Or as the ladies state in their preface: "We beg to assure our readers that we do not consider this little book in any way a literary effort. It is a simple story which really wrote itself, and it is with great modesty and hesitation that we cast it upon the sea of public opinion." Summary by Wikipedia and Lee Ann Howlett.

Genre(s): General Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 00 - Preface Lee Ann Howlett
Play 01 01 - Our Flat Lee Ann Howlett
Play 02 02 - Paris Lee Ann Howlett
Play 03 03 - Friday Evening Lee Ann Howlett
Play 04 04 - In the Firelight Lee Ann Howlett
Play 05 05 - To the Board of Lady Managers Lee Ann Howlett
Play 06 06 - Mr. Perkins Lee Ann Howlett
Play 07 07 - Gene's Burglar Lee Ann Howlett
Play 08 08 - Sunday Morning Lee Ann Howlett
Play 09 09 - Our Holiday Lee Ann Howlett
Play 10 10 - Tessa Lee Ann Howlett
Play 11 11 - The Dinner Lee Ann Howlett
Play 12 12 - Virginia's Diary Lee Ann Howlett
Play 13 13 - Jackson Park, By the Duke Lee Ann Howlett
Play 14 14 - Christmas Lee Ann Howlett
Play 15 15 - The Little Blue Butterfly Lee Ann Howlett