This Country of Ours, Part 1

Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall (1867 - 1941)

Another fine history book for children! Published in 1917, Marshall’s book of stories from the history of the United States begins with accounts of exploration and settlement, and ends with the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

This is Part 1: Stories of Explorers and Pioneers, from Leif Ericson to Sir Walter Raleigh. Read along and view the original illustrations at

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(Summary by Kara)

Genre(s): History

Language: English

Group: This Country of Ours - All Seven Volumes

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 How the Vikings of Old Sought And Found New Lands Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 02 The Sea of Darkness And the Great Faith of Columbus Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 03 How Columbus Fared Forth Upon the Sea of Darkness And Came To Pleasant Lands Beyond Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 04 How Columbus Returned in Triumph Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 05 How America Was Named Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 06 How the Flag of England Was Planted on the Shores of the New World Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 07 How the Flag of France Was Planted in Florida Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 08 How the French Founded a Colony in Florida Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 09 How the Spaniards Drove the French Out of Florida Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 10 How a Frenchman Avenged the Death of His Countrymen Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 11 The Adventures of Sir Humphrey Gilbert Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Play 12 About Sir Walter Raleigh's Adventures in the Golden West Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)