Theological Orations

Gregory of Nazianzus (329 - 389 or 390)
Translated by C. G. Browne and J. E. Swallow

After the death of the Arian Emperor Valens, the synod of Antioch in 379 asked Gregory to help resurrect Constantinople to Nicene orthodoxy. While the most important churches were still headed by Arian bishops, Gregory transformed his cousin's villa into the Anastasia chapel. From this little chapel he delivered five powerful discourses on Nicene doctrine, explaining the nature of the Trinity and the unity of the Godhead. These are called the "Theological Orations." By the time he left Constantinople two years later, there did not remain one Arian church in all of the city. (Jonathan Lange).

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 1 - Oration XXVII Jonathan Lange
Play 02 2 - Oration XXVIII Jonathan Lange
Play 03 3 - Oration XXIX Jonathan Lange
Play 04 4 - Oration XXX Jonathan Lange
Play 05 5 - Oration XXXII Jonathan Lange